Lack of diversity in the fashion industry

When it comes to the modeling world, diversity is still a problem. It’s 2017 for crying out loud! We still don’t have many models of color gracing campaigns and walking shows. Where’s the diversity?


Balmain Fall Season 2017

This runway show only had a small quantity of models of color. Yet they used cornrows, part of black culture. So where are the models of color?

People don’t see this as a problem, but it is. It damages little girls of color’s self esteem. Perpetuating the notion that European features are the only  features that are beautiful. When I was a little girl, I wanted to bleach my skin to be as pale as possible, I wanted blonde straight hair and blue eyes.  I hated being black. I thought I was ugly. But I’ve learned to love myself.   But I can’t imagine how dark skin girls of color feel. I didn’t have it as bad, I was light skinned and had a few European features. So, imagine the self hatred dark skin girls feel. We need representation in the modeling world. We need it for the future generation of boys and girls. Models are the most influential public figures, we see them everywhere. We look up to models. Imagine if we had diversity. Imagine how many girls wouldn’t hate them selves. They’d learn to love their ethnic features.

Here’s a list of models of color that we should support:


Imaan Hammam

2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Blanca Padilla


Duckie Thot


Maria Borges


Ming Xi


Pooja Mor


Halima Aden

Disclaimer: This article is not an attack on white models.


Nepotism in the fashion industry.

I hate to break it to you, but Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid are not ‘Supermodels’. Not even close. Now what I’m going to be talking about is a subject not many people in the fashion industry talk about; Nepotism.

Kendall Jenner sits court side during NY Knicks game at Madison Square Garden with with  Hailey Baldwin and Gigi Hadid.

So called ‘Supermodels’ Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin.

Whenver I speak of this subject I’m met with “Why are you so jealous?!” Or “Its not like you can do better!”. I’m not jealous, I’d much rather work for something than have it handed to me because I’m rich and famous.

What I find so unfair is that there are models who work day and night just to book one job. They fall into debt pursuing their dreams, it’s a one in a million chance. ‘Models’ like Kendall Jenner don’t even work half as hard. It’s all for publicity and money. For example, Victoria’s Secret. They booked Kendall, Gigi and Bella. What’s the most frustrating about this whole ordeal is that talented models must attend the casting in order to be chosen for the show. Kendall didn’t even attend the casting, she was simply chosen. Don’t get me wrong, these girls are gorgeous. But just not model material. A model is someone who can make you feel emotions through photographs. A blank canvas. Their photo shoots are nothing but boring and expressionless. There are only a few photo shoots I would consider decent.

Models like Imaan Hammam, are what we need now a days. Her photoshoots are always fierce. Her walk is amazing. Her look is versatile, yet unique. The girl can seriously pose!


What a future supermodel looks like

Yet she stays underrated. This girl is a supermodel in the making. She’s worked for it, and she deserves it.

Cry me a river if you’re offended by me calling out nepotism. Not like it’s going to change anything.


Curly hair 101: How to manage it

Okay, let’s be honest. Sometimes curly hair is a pain in the butt. But, sometimes it can make you feel unique and beautiful. You are lucky that you’re blessed with curly hair, it truly is magical. In this post I’m going to help you manage your curly mane.

Step 1: Determine what kind of curly hair you have.

This’ll help you when it comes to washing and styling your hair. It also helps when you get your hair cut.


This chart specifies what types of curly hair you have.

Step 2: Buy products from trusted brands.

Listen, you don’t wanna be buying products from drugstores(trust me on this, I had a really bad experience). Most of the time drugstores sell cheap bad quality hair care products. Try buying from African stores or other stores that ARE NOT drugstores.

Step 3: Wash hair every 2 days.

Washing your hair every single day will cause greasy hair. So make sure you’re washing your hair every 2 days. Only shampoo 1 a week. If you shampoo too often it’ll cause breakage.

Step 4: Moisturize.

Keeping your hair moisturized is the key to good hair. If you fail to keep it moisturized the ends will break causing split ends. Your curls will be bouncy and soft if you keep it moisturized.

Step 5: Avoid heat.

Its no secret that heat is bad for your hair. If you keep using heat on your hair, it’ll eventually break off. If you want shiny hair you are going to have to avoid heat at all circumstances.

And there you go! Follow all these steps and you’ll have beautiful curly hair. Good luck!